Automatic Transmission Servicing

Transmission is one of vital and complex components of a car, and it directly influences performance of the vehicle. So , it is very important that transmissions are regularly checked to ensure proper functioning. The structure of transmission is even more complex in case of automatic transmission, and it faces tremendous stress in form of pressure, force, heat and friction. At Fixit Automotive, we realize how important is well-functioning automatic transmission for a vehicle and the risks associated with faulty transmission. Hence, for automatic transmission service Melbourne, we ensure that only trained personnel ay our service centre handle servicing and repairs related to automatic transmission. We have also equipped our facility with latest equipments required for diagnosing, repairing and rebuilding auto transmission.

Automatic Transmission Repair Services in Melbourne

Fixit Automotive has been serving clients for their automotive needs for more than 25 years. We understand that there has been a significant change in automobile technology over the years, and we have made sure we stay updated with modern transmission technology. We have been successful in acquiring the right skillset, knowledge and equipment  required to service automatic vehicles. So, whether you car has an old or new automatic transmission, our automatic transmission specialist Melbourne are trained in performing service and repairs of your vehicle.

For auto transmission vehicles, we offer –

  • Service for auto transmission
  • Change of filter, gasket and even checking oil leaks
  • Automatic transmission repairs
  • Fluid replacement
  • Transmission adjustments
  • Diagnostic road tests

To ensure that automatic transmission operates smoothly, it needs to be filled with the right transmission fluid. We only use high quality transmission fluids that have been recommended by the manufacturers. Similarly, we use original factory made spare parts during repairs or servicing. It is very important to service auto transmission Melbourne regularly to preserve its performance. Also, it helps in avoiding major costs as problem can be detected during servicing itself.


Your vehicle deserves the best! When you talk about automatic transmission repairs in Melbourne, you can only give your car in hands of an expert. So, contact us today and we will take care of the rest.