How often do you service your car? Do you think that servicing does not make any difference to the efficiency and performance of your vehicle? Well, you are surely under an illusion as regular servicing is must for every car. Servicing not only extends the life, safety of vehicle and improves its performance, it also helps in troubleshooting minor problems before they turn into major repairs. Usually, people avoid or tend to postpone car services Melbourne of their vehicles due to the process involved and problem of managing without vehicle an entire day. Fixit Automotive not only recognizes these problems faced by customers, but also addresses them. We offer pick and drop service for the vehicles, and also give loan car if the customer requests us.


Fixit Automotive is the one-stop destination for all your automotive needs. Serving customers for more than 25 years, we have build relation of trust and reliability with them. We have a team of qualified and expert technicians who are trained to handle different problems faced in vehicles. Our team shares our commitment of delivering cheap car service Melbourne without compromising on the quality. We offer different cheap car servicing packages, so that our Melbourne client can choose the best package to suit his needs.

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At Fixit Automotive, car servicing can be classified as minor and major scheduled services.
Scheduled minor services include –

  • Complete safety check of the vehicle.
  • Checking vehicle parts including tyres, filters and other
  • Check air filter and clean or replace if required
  • Check tyres and adjust pressures as required
  • Check and adjust brakes/hand brakes.
  • Carry out road test
  • Cooling system pressure test
  • Check and top up fluids
  • Final inspection and report

Scheduled major services include –

  • Perform electronic diagnostic analysis
  • Check spark plug and replace if required
  • Adjust drive belts
  • Check pressure test cooling system test for leaks and condition
  • Check steering gear and lineages
  • Full engine tune
  • Rotate wheels for even tyre wear
  • Check brakes, hoses & components
  • Check fuel hoses and filter for leaks
  • Inspect vacuum lines and hoses for condition

Fixit Automotive has revolutionised the concept of car servicing in Melbourne and removed hassles involved. Come visit us today for the top-end professional service experience for your car!