Are you facing some problem with your car, but unsure of what exactly is wrong? Or your vehicle suffers from a breakdown in the middle of the road? Well, contact Fixit Automotive, and our expert technicians will be able to troubleshoot the problem and its cause. When a vehicle faces a mechanical problem, it is difficult for the driver or the owner to understand the problem unless they have detailed knowledge of car’s mechanical system.. Hence, it is best to let the specialist car mechanic Melbourne find the fault, repair it and get your vehicle running back on the road.


With over 25 years experience and expertise in mechanical repairs, Fixit Automotive offers a range of mechanical repairs and services for vehicles. Our technicians are trained to work on all models of cars and light commercial vehicles, including American classic and muscle cars. We know the importance of using the right spare parts in the vehicles. That’s why we never compromise on quality of spare parts or replacement parts in car repair Melbourne. Our service centres are well equipped with the latest technology infrastructure and equipment. We also regularly train our technicians to stay updated with the latest engines and other mechanical parts that are being used in modern vehicles. From brakes to clutches, wheel bearings to gear boxes, alternators to exhausts, there are hardly any mechanical parts in vehicles that we don’t repair. We conduct an inspection and safety check to ensure proper functioning of the parts and components after the repair is done. Therefore, we are regarded among the best car mechanic in Melbourne.

Mechanical repairs and services offered by Fixit Automotive include –

  • Brake service, including replacement or brake pads or shoes
  • Rear Brake service, including adjusting brakes and brake fluids
  • Engine management and diagnosis of problems
  • Repairing Cooling systems, radiators and exhausts
  • Service and repair of transmissions

At Fixit Automotive, we strive to provide cheap car repairs and cheap car servicing in Melbourne and Cheltenham. In fact, our quick and efficient service to our customers has made us the most sought-after car mechanic Cheltenham and Melbourne. No matter which car or light commercial vehicle you own, Fixit Automotive is at your service for all your car needs.