When group of motor vehicles are leased or owned by a business or an organization, they are known as fleet vehicles. Management and maintenance of fleet vehicles is different compared to personal vehicles, mainly due to the fact that they are handled by more than one individual. From minivans and pickups to cars, fleet cars can consist of different vehicles serving different purposes. Attractive discounts and incentives by manufactures have given boost to the trend of fleet vehicles. For maintenance of fleet vehicles, the service centre needs to be an authorized Custom Fleet Authorised Service agent. For fleet services Melbourne, Fixit Automotive is just the right destination.

Serving automotive needs of vehicles for more than 25 years, Fixit Automotive is a trusted name in the industry. We are well equipped, in terms of infrastructure and skilled technicians, to handle fleet cars vehicles. We ensure that fleet car servicing Melbourne is done in accordance with manufacturer’s handbook, so clients can stay assured of the quality of service. Our services take care of all aspect of fleet car maintenance and repairs. We customize our services depending on the requirement and budget of the business or organization. Our knowledgeable team of experts is always at your service to help you design and pick the right maintenance program for your fleet of vehicles.

At Fixit Automotive, we understand how important it is to keep fleet vehicles in their best shape. We also know that if fleet vehicles are off the road for any reason, it can result in significant losses for the business. We ensure that we troubleshoot fleet vehicles for faults and repairs so that the vehicles give optimum performance on road and also avoid major expenses that can arise if vehicle breakdown. We are committed to provide cheap fleet car service Melbourne, without compromising on quality and efficiency of the service.

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