The car’s windscreen is important for comfort and safety during driving in the night and in a harsh weather condition. It protects the driver from air pollution and helps in the setting up of the air bags. Since it is made of glass, it is exposed to crack due to stone chip, accident impact, sand blasting, etc. Even a small crack or chip can jeopardize your vision, especially when driving at night. So don’t wait till the chip turns into a bigger problem and call Fixit Automotive. Our expert technicians can perform car windscreen repair and replacement Melbourne with perfection.

At our workshop, you can see that we use the best quality glass for car windscreen replacement Melbourne. The glass we use in replacing the windscreen matches the standards set by the Australian Automotive Industry. In addition, we follow immaculate methods in installing that help in improving the lifespan of the windscreen. Every step from removing the worn and torn windscreen to replacing it with the new one is carefully executed. This helps us in giving the structural strength required for the safety.

We can fix the chip on the windscreen in 30 minutes, depending on its size and place. We value your time and money and therefore, try to avoid windscreen replacement as far as possible. If our inspection reveals no other option, we offer a cheap windshield replacement. Our efficient technicians can complete the replacement and return your car the same day. So, you don’t have to be away from your beloved car for long.

Why Fixit Automotive for Windscreen Repair and Replacement?

• Experienced windscreen installer and repairers
• High-quality glass used for windscreen replacement
• Over 25 years of experience in windscreen repair and replacement
• Timely service and competitive price
• Lifetime guarantee on windscreen repair and replacement

Fixit Automotive offers honest suggestion to customers. If the damage can be fixed with the repair, we avoid replacement. However, we don’t risk customers’ safety. Our technicians are skilled in working with all types of windscreen and removing scratches from them. You can call us anytime for a free quote and inspection and avail the best service for car windscreen replacement Melbourne.